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About Me

You might think that successful women do NOT experience anxiety, but I am here to tell you that we are the MOST likely population to have stress combined with an unrealistic mindset of perfectionism and guilt when we can’t do it all. This leads us right down the road of anxiety that can rage out of control.  

We become pre-occupied with taking care of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else.  We get busy, and postpone our doctor’s visits.  We NEGLECT ourselves and the end result is exhaustion, depressed moods and unhappy personal and professional lives.

I did not LISTEN to my own body when anxiety ran its course.  Thankfully, I found that a single drop of essential oil calmed me. Join me to learn how.

About You

Does my story sound at all like you?  Are you looking for a simpler solution to prevent burnout?   You want to feel better quickly and have control over stress.

You can feel calmer TODAY by taking one of my free online classes on Essential Oil Wellness.  I show you natural solutions and how to use them safely and simply.  Easy.

We meet via Zoom video to tailor design a wellness plan meeting your specific needs. PLUS, I give you handouts and videos you can use at any time.

I coach you to live an essentially calm life even when surrounded by stress.  I have been there, done that and I help others overcome stress & anxious feelings everyday.